Brazilian Soccer Fan Destroys TV During Celebration [VIDEO]
I know that the World Cup is a huge deal to many people around the world. I've watch quite a few games myself this year. I find it enjoyable to watch and have a beer with friends while watching. These guys though, take it just a bit to serious. It looked almost like he was actually trying to hi…
U.K Sports Reporter ‘Biffs’ on Live TV [VIDEO]
U.K. Sky News sports reporter, Nick Collins was broadcasting live from Wembley Stadium in London yesterday. When in the middle of his report, he tripped on something, completely biffed and fell out of the live shot.
Burning Baby Could Just Be the Funniest Soap Opera Clip EVER [VIDEO]
Let's face it soap operas suck and rarely, if ever, have they provided any entertainment value as they crank out intentionally ridiculous subplots by the thousands. So to call something the funniest soap opera clip EVER is a bold statement. Still, after finding this clip from "General …
Senator Says Caro Cupcake Controversy is ‘Outrageous’
The recent story of a 3rd grader from Caro who brought cupcakes to school for his birthday with little green army men on them has caught the attention of the Michigan Senator from that area, and he doesn't seem to think the school made the right decision.
Verlander Talks Gay Rights With CNN [Video]
In an interview yesterday CNN’s Carol Costello caught up with Justin Verlander. where she managed to throw Verlander a change-up of her own & swung the conversation to gay players in major league baseball.

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