How To Fix A Plasma TV With A Bat
I had no idea you could fix something with a bat until today.  Apparently all you need to fix a broken plasma TV is a plastic bat.  I will say that this dude has a lot more patience than me.  I would have straight up gone ape s--- and 'Office Spaced' that TV.  It's…
News Anchor Rips On Kardashians On Air
I don't mind when celebrity chicks aren't very good at what they do.  You can be an awful actress or pop singer, and still be okay in my book just because you're hot.  But I'm not okay with celebrities don't do anything and aren't hot.  And no celebrities…
Napoleon Dynamite The Animated Series Trailer
Things are about to get even stupider in America.  Napoleon Dynamite is back and he's a cartoon, along with Uncle Rico, Pedro and the whole original cast.  Check out the trailer for Napoleon Dynamite: The Animated Series.
Water Powered Jet Pack Wipes Out On Live TV
This video is awesome for two reasons.  The first reason is because there is a water powered jet pack in it.  That's freakin sweet.  The second reason is because it's one those live TV eff ups that are awesome and awkward at the same time.
Sexy Brazillian Game Show [VIDEOS]
While we waste our time in America watching Glee and American Idol, the people of Brazil are using television for what it was invented for.  Hot chicks playing sports in bikinis and bubbles.
The World’s Greatest Extra [VIDEO]
If I told you there was an actor that was in Catch Me If You Can, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Social Network, Entourage, Arrested Development and Old School, you'd assume it would have to be some huge Hollywood name.  But the actor isn't a star, he's a fat ginger.  Check out a…
Shameless on Showtime [VIDEO]
There are so many great cable shows TV these days, such as Weeds, Californication, United States Of Tara, Nurse Jackie, Spartacus, Dexter and now, Shameless. For some reason, the new cable series didn't get the best reviews, I think it's funny as hell.

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