Introducing the Banana 101.5 Christmas Twerk Team! [VIDEO]
This has got to be the most awkward, but hilarious thing I have seen in a while. A close friend to the Banana, and amazing photographer, Barry Fagan of Dingo Photos created this Jib Jab video of Tony, Maggie, Chris, Toni, and me twerking for Santa! Some things you just can't un-see. Introducing…
Proof That Twerking Really Is An Art [VIDEO]
I'm all about art...the art of hot ass that is and these Russian chicks shake theirs like nothing I've ever seen before. They take twerking (which I thought was really stupid until now) to a whole new level. Twerk on ladies!
Girl Catches on Fire After Worst Twerk Fail Ever [VIDEO]
Apparently this moron chick was making what she thought was a hot and sexy twerking video for her boyfriend. While looking like an idiot upside down shaking her ass, somebody opens the door and she goes down right on a glass table covered with candles. Well she sure ended up with a hot video.
Woman ‘Twerking’ At Walmart [VIDEO]
Every Walmart at any given time, is peppered with characters. Usually I just see girls in pajama bottoms, zombie like families and crying kids. I have never witnessed anyone 'twerking' until now. Actually I did know what twerking was until now.