Twitter Thinks Bane Caused the Super Bowl XLVII Blackout
We're going to pretend all of these people are hilarious and not morons. When the 2013 Super Bowl was delayed by a power outage, most people took it as a chance to actually talk to the people at their football party. These people decided to make jokes on Twitter that the half hour of darkness w…
Twitter Star DadBoner Claims Grand Blanc Is Home
Twitter is both the best and worst thing ever.  And that's why so many people don't understand it and fear it.  But it's here to stay and one of the funniest accounts to follow is DadBoner, a man who calls Grand Blanc home.
Celebrities Speak Out on Twitter About Casey Anthony
While it seems everyone on the social networks are in an uproar about the jury find Casey Anthony not guilty of murdering her daughter. Celebrities have taken to Twitter about the injustice of the jury's decision. It seems our judicial system has failed us again. See...
Celebs React to Ryan Dunn’s Death on Twitter
As news broke this morning around 'Jackass' star Ryan Dunn's car accident, the entertainment world was saddened in losing a peer. Dunn, 34, was made famous by acting like a "jackass" in the movie and television series, 'Jackass.' Dunn and a passenger were killed this morning around 3AM in …
Comedians React to Osama bin Laden’s Death on Twitter
We all know that Twitter has become a very important resource for worldwide breaking news, and the information that is shared has, in a lot of ways, helped to change the world.
Last night, thousands of people (if not millions) took to their Twitter accounts to report on and gather information about t…
Gilbert Gottfried Fired Over Tweets
TMZ reports that Gilbert Gottfried was fired from his voice-over work as the duck for Aflack, because of  his latest tweets about the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. Would you expect anything else from this comedian?

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