Is A UFO Using The Sun For Energy?
Well space nerds, you might have something to get excited about. Check out this video that shows a large circular mass, tethered to the sun, possibly drawing solar energy from it.
Shipwreck Hunters Find Possible UFO in Baltic Sea
Now I'm sure what you are about to watch will end up not being a UFO but there is definitely something down there that is huge, the size of a jumbo jet and there are more than one sitting at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Regardless, it will be pretty interesting to hear the follow up on this st…
UFO Mass Sightings Increase [VIDEO]
If you know me, you know I'm a UFO junkie. I love watching videos on UFO sightings, TV shows and anything alien related. Some of the sightings on this video are absolutely incredible! Believer or not, you will find this very interesting.
World Wide UFO sightings are escalating at an incredible r…
UFO Seen In Colorado Town [VIDEO]
All of the believers(Tony LaBrie) will be referencing this video for years to come.  About a week ago, in Lafayette, Colorado, video was taken of 3 red lights in a triangular pattern, floating above the town.  Is it an alien spaceship or is it 3 red lights?   Check the video and …