Veterans Day

Fenton Rotary Honors Local Veterans [VIDEO]
Today is Veterans Day. My father, Duncan Richard McColman III served two tours in Vietnam and was one of the proudest Americans I have ever known. I was raised to honor and respect our veterans, and I do to this day. The Fenton Rotary showed their appreciation to local veterans yesterday morning by …
P.O.D.’s Message For Veterans Day [VIDEO]
It's Veteran's Day and we aren't the only ones that would like to say thank you to the men and women that serve the is country, whether it's past, present or future. Here's a video of P.OD. giving their thanks as well.
Sarge and Banana 101.5 Salute the Veterans of Genesee County [PICS]
A week ago I asked our listening audience here at the Banana to send me a brief story about where you, a family member, or friend has served our country, along with unit number, and a pic. While the response was overwhelming we still want to pay tribute to those who did send in their …