Andrea Love’s Real Rock Review [VIDEO]
I am a video nerd in my off time, and I have been working on developing a show for YouTube.  It's a rock review show, that gives a basic rundown of what's going on in the rock world.  I've wanted to do this for a long time, and finally took the first stab at it.
Woman Finds Cell Phone Video of Boyfriend Having Sex With Dog
Chances are if you are in a relationship, you have looked at your significant others cell phone. When I say looked, I really mean snooped. Finding a flirty text or sexy pic of someone you don't know most likely would piss you off, how about finding a video of your mate having sex with your dog?…
Intro to Lock Picking Class Offered By City, Endorsed By Mayor [Video]
In a city that’s already struggling with crime, and also where burglary at the top of its list, it doesn't see likely that, that city would offer a class to teach people how to pick a lock. Even more absurd is the notion that the mayor of that city would endorse the class. But thatȁ…
Pee Wee Hockey Coach Gets Jail Time For Tripping Player [Video]
This has to be one of the most disgusting and aggravating things I’ve ever seen. Watch as pee wee hockey coach Martin Tremblay, 48, sweeps the leg out from under two of the opposing teams players, ages 10 and 13, at the end of the game as the team’s line up to shake hands. Way to teach…

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