This Guy Has the Art of Making Vine Videos Mastered [Video]
L.A. video artist Zach King, might be the best Vine video poster out there. People are comparing them to "magic" tricks because it's tough to figure out how he does some of them. Although some of them actually have special effects, most of his stuff is just straight up cl…
Kid Gets Hit by a Car While ‘Doing it For the Vine’ [VIDEO]
Ever since its introduction to the world Vine has been ruling peoples lives (and their judgment) as they "do it for the vine". Well this guy learned the hard way when he got hit by a car and ended up in the back of an ambulance chiming a new message for the people on Vine...
Tarzan Vine Swing Fail
If you can die doing it, you probably should have some sort of safety net involved.  But these dudes disagree, and go swinging through the woods, some where deep in the Asian continent.  You can probably guess what's going to happen, but it's funny as hell any