Michigan Man Stabbed To Death By Girlfriend
Early Sunday morning, around 2 a.m., a man in Clare, MI got into a domestic dispute with his girlfriend. The altercation turned deadly and when authorities arrived they found the 56-year-old man with a stab wound to the chest.
Michigan Woman Shoots Man for Terrible Sex
In Michigan, not servicing your lady properly can get you shot. Just ask 58-years-old Sadie Bell who was recently convicted for shooting her boyfriend in the stomach because she felt his sexual performance was inadequate.
Angry Woman Blasts Customer in The Face [VIDEO]
Check out this classy piece of work. From what I can see here, this woman is swearing up a storm and another woman asks to to stop and the woman decides violence is the answer and hits her upside the head. Yup, this is the world we live in every day.
22 Flint Men Charged, Alleged Gang Warfare [VIDEO]
Between dog fighting and now this, unfortunately there is never a dull moment in Flint.  ABC 12 is reporting that the Genesee County Prosecutor's Office has charged 10 men and indicted 12 men following years of investigating gang warfare.  The men are allegedly part of a gang called t…
Man Punches Girl For ‘Looking At Him Funny’
If I got punched every time I looked at someone funny, I would have more of a pumpkin head than I already do! That being said, there are many times that YOU may want to hit a stranger. For instance, sometimes I want to punch people that take too long in line for something, or people that just wont s…