70-Year-Old Virgin Is Ready to Give It up
Pam Shaw, a 70-year-old cabaret singer known as “The Sexational Pam”, is a virgin who has sacrificed sex for work and for her beliefs. She adheres to a strict moral code and doesn’t believe in sex before marriage –where is the fun in that?- so she is looking to bag a “t…
Meet A Real 39 Year Old Virgin
Most of us are familiar with the movie "The 40 Year Old Virgin", well meet the real deal right now.
Charlotte Baird turns 40 this May and according to her, has never kissed a man or had sex with one. Ms. Baird thinks that living a life of celibacy makes her feel in control of her li…
Abstinence Bear Reminds You To Not Have Sex
I think encouraging abstinence is probably the most uphill battle of all time.  People want to have sex, and they'd have to be pretty dedicated not to.  It's a good thing that Abstinence Bear is around to remind us to keep it in our pants.