Brawl At Walmart Over Last Copy Of GTA5
It's amazing the things you see when you're grocery shopping.  These guys brawl it out over the last copy of GTA5.  Now, I understand that it's the hot game and everyone wants it, but why would you go this far.  I promise there is a copy of Craigslist being sold by a du…
Disgruntled Walmart Employee Knocks Manager Out In Break Room
One person can only take so much.  This employee is angry with his manager for something that happened (not sure what exactly) and has words with him.  The manager was getting a little close during the argument and the employee warned him to stay back.  Once the manager crossed the im…
Woman ‘Twerking’ At Walmart [VIDEO]
Every Walmart at any given time, is peppered with characters. Usually I just see girls in pajama bottoms, zombie like families and crying kids. I have never witnessed anyone 'twerking' until now. Actually I did know what twerking was until now.
Man Flashes Breast Implants At Walmart [VIDEO]
Well this is different! Jeremy Owens, 23, is accused of flashing his breast implants at shoppers in a Pennsylvania Walmart . After flashing his boobs, Jeremy boarded a bus where he cut himself and later spit blood at arresting police officers.

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