Awesome Nerf War In ‘The Warp Zone’ [VIDEO]
It's awesome to work here at the radio station, but I think this office just won the war. These guys got together to make an awesome battle video where Nerf guns take on light sabers. I think I'll be sending them my resume...don't tell Tony.
1,000 Years of War in 5 Minutes
History is the one class in high school I wish I would have paid attention to, but I didn't, so I guess it's a good thing there is the internet.  Check out this video giving a history of the past 1,000 years of war on earth.
Osama Bin Laden – ‘Die Motherf**ker Die’ [VIDEO]
After hearing the shocking, yet awesome news that Osama Bin Laden was dead, this was first song and video that came to mind.
There's actually a few fan made videos for Dope's "Die Mother Fu**ker Die", made in honor of our troops. The second video puts Bin Laden right in the crosshairs. Both…