Dude Builds His Own Real Life Batarang [VIDEO]
Looks like this dude is just in time to snag a licensing agreement for the Batman v. Superman flick. What's his product? A real life Batarang. Now all we need are a couple criminals to thump with this thing and see if it'll still return.
Turn a Drill into A Shot Gun [VIDEO]
The same guy who showed you how to make an Oreo slingshot shows you how to turn a cordless drill into a shotgun. Well, maybe not a shotgun, more like a nautilus wooden wheel firing giant ball bearings ridiculously fast. Either way it's still cool.
The All New Taser Grenade….What?!?!? [VIDEO]
Time to add more ways to piss yourself while getting arrested!  This video is pretty cool showing all that different, non-lethal weapons police can use.  I really want to see the "Shock Wave" in use! (at about 54 seconds in)  But the grenade looks pretty awesome!