Drunk Guy Interviewed On News During Omaha Storms [VIDEO]
I am not sure if this guy said 'He will not be a vacuum or evacuated'? Watch as Tracy, who appears to have a good glow on, is interviewed by a local news channel in Omaha. The area has recently been hit by severe storms and it appears Tracy has decided to drink his way through the severe w…
Storm Coverage ‘Fail’ for Chicago TV Station [VIDEO]
High Winds, rain, and debris flew through the air not only throughout Genesee County yesterday but through the windy city of Chicago as well. And of course, all the local TV stations were on it when it came to coverage of the potentially dangerous weather...
Weather Chick Stephanie Abrams Talking Dirty
I don't know what it is about chicks on the news, but I have always had a special spot in my pants for them.  The same thing can be said about women that talk dirty, so when I heard Stephanie Abrams talking about quickies, unloading, and the old in and out, I was excited to say the least.

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