Chicago Weatherman Flips Off Viewers On Live TV [VIDEO]
When will TV news people learn? I swear every other week if not every week, there is footage of an anchor saying inappropriate things when they think they are off air. This time around we get to see a Chicago weatherman flipping off viewers when he thinks he is off air. Nope he was live baby!
Weatherman Vs. Dog On Live TV [VIDEO]
I am not sure if it is going to rain cats and dogs, to be honest I don't even know what this weatherman is talking about. I am watching the dog he is trying to control during his live weather update! Who let this dog out anyway?
Storm Coverage ‘Fail’ for Chicago TV Station [VIDEO]
High Winds, rain, and debris flew through the air not only throughout Genesee County yesterday but through the windy city of Chicago as well. And of course, all the local TV stations were on it when it came to coverage of the potentially dangerous weather...