NFL Hall of Famer Tackled by Chair on Live TV [VIDEO]
Hall of Fame NFL player Ronnie Lott has joined the team at the PAC-12 Network as an analyst for college football. Lott who is also an alum of USC, was complimenting UCLA's 58-20 win over Nevada on Saturday. And as one of his broadcast partners points out, there is a price you pay when saying ni…
Wheelchair Falls Down Escalator Backwards [VIDEO]
Just because somebody is handicapped, it doesn't mean it's not funny when they get hurt.  And I'm also pretty sure the dude wasn't really wheelchair bound, it seems like he was just being an idiot.  Check out the hilarious results.
Guy in Wheelchair Crowd Surfs [VIDEO]
There are all kinds of rock genres, like hard rock, soft rock, mainstream rock, indie rock and punk rock. This is what they call "Wheelchair Rock". Just when you think you've seen it all.