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The ‘Suicide Squad’ Runtime Has Been Revealed
I saw the Suicide Squad trailer on the big screen for the first time last week. (It was one of the few highlights of my trip to the multiplex for Independence Day: Resurgence.) Sometimes trailers play very differently on the big screen than they do at home. But Suicide Squad worked even better big t…
‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer Assembles the Worst Heroes Ever
If you didn't tune into DC's big Dawn of the Justice League special tonight on The CW, then you missed the official debut of the new trailer for Suicide Squad. Lucky for you, the trailer has arrived online and the Worst Heroes Ever have assembled, joining forces to take down a threat much …
Men In Black III Trailer
Let's face the facts, the Men In Black movies were pretty much masterpieces of cinema.  Next year the third installment of the franchise hits theaters and you can check the trailer out here.