Bridge Day Jumper Nearly Killed When Parachute Doesn’t Open
This guy's 876 foot jump is part of a base jumping festival in West Virginia and it's the only time that jumpers are allowed to jump from the largest arch bridge in the United States. This guy here is in a wingsuit and for some reason his parachute didn't open. He did survive and is i…
Wingsuit Diver Flies Through A Mountain
Y0u've gotta be pretty crazy to jump out of a helicopter.  You've gotta be even crazier to do it wearing a wingsuit.  You've gotta be outta your effin mind to use that wingsuit to fly through a mountain.  Check out the video.
Man in Wingsuit Pulls off an Amazing Fly-by
If you ever wanted to fly, this would be probably the closest you would ever get to the real deal. I've only seen these wingsuit videos a couple times and this is the coolest one. Check out the fly-by this dude does at about 90 seconds into the video. Talk about a close call, doesn't get a…