There is a Serious Problem With This Workout Video
At first glance you see a really hot chick working out. Now as you get deeper into this video you will notice something that really shouldn't be there. I don't know if this is real or not but either way it's pretty damn funny. Did you see it?
Annoying Gym Guys
We've all seen these types of guys at our local gym, you might even be one. I would be "The Noob" or "The Face", if I really went to the gym. When I do go though, there's always one in the room. I look at this as an instructional video on how NOT to act …
A Supermodel’s Workout
While genetics certainly play an important part in beautiful people being beautiful people, there is a lot of hard work that goes into it as well.  Case in point:  the video below is of professionally attractive person Erin Heatherton working out at Mushin MMA in Manhattan in anticipa…
Awesome Exercise Fails [VIDEO]
There's so many accidents that can happen while working out, usually on the treadmill. Here's some awesome videos of idiots getting hurt while trying to sculpt their bodies.