Guy On Motorcycle Barely Avoids Wreck On Highway [VIDEO]
Barely avoiding an accident in a car is one thing but this is terrifying. This biker was cruising down the highway and a multi-car accident happened right in front of him. Luckily he had quick enough reflexes to avoid it all together, but this one will definitely make your butt pucker.
Idiot Driving Camaro Causes Wreck On Highway [VIDEO]
The stupidity of some people blows me away. What part of passing on the shoulder seemed like a good idea in his? It looks like a little road rage might played into it too. One of the highlights of the video is how the guy reacts that is in the car with the dash cam. Pulling over to finish the phone …
Park Train Collides With Car On The Tracks [VIDEO]
Here is something you wouldn't expect as you are taking your family on a train ride around the park.  Apparently this car got stuck on the tracks between the drop down gates.  It's hard to imagine this could happen, everywhere I've been that has a train like this, the employ…
Dude Drives Completely Demolished Truck
It's amazing how badly cars can get beaten up and still run.  Look all around Flint, Michigan and you'll see automobiles that are practically falling apart but still out on the roads.  This Russian driver takes driving a beater to a whole new level.