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ICP “Miracles”
Insane Clown Posse posted a video for us in 2010 about magic and miracles. The band raps about oceans, magnets and not doing drugs all while wearing their clown makeup. This is one of my favorite videos of 2010, I laugh every time!
Steel Panther – Sexy Santa
Merry X-Mas from Banana 101.5 and Steel Panther! Congrats to all the banana listeners that won tickets to see the band in Royal Oak. Here, give a listen to "Sexy Santa"!
Linkin Park Parody
Linkin Park fan or not, this video will make you laugh your ass off. I watched this like 10 times yesterday and laughed everytime.
Batman Parody
It's hard to imagine life without awesome You Tube videos. Here's another great one: The Dark Night Is Confused

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