Yesterday we debuted the first single from Taproot's new concept album 'The Episodes' hits stores and digital outlets in April. If you missed it, check out 'No Surrender' right here.

Taproot will return with their follow-up to the 2010 album 'Plead the Fifth' on April 10th, commemorating 15 years that the Ann Arbor, Michigan alt-rock quartet have been making music together. What seems like a brief turnaround between albums is anything but -- Taproot actual began work on the "complexly developed concept album" 'The Episodes' over six years ago.

"Having written the story for this album before the music, this record sounds more like a soundtrack than a typical album," says bassist Phil Liscomb of the new album. "With the songs flowing together and taking you on a journey.” The evolution of the band's sound is evident on the first single 'No Surrender,' which has a more progressive feel and even features a speak-and-spell.

Taproot's will perform songs from 'The Episodes' during the official CD release party at The Machine Shop on April 10th.

Taproot - 'No Surrender'