I am not a parent, but I know plenty of parents and plenty of those parents have tattoos.  Even Barbie has tattoos now.  Yep, the blond bombshell is sporting ink now and some people think it sends a negative message to our youth.

Some parents that were interviewed believe Mattel is sending an inappropriate message about permanent body art to children.  But kids playing with a tanned, blond, big boobed, skinny waist doll is okay, as long as she doesn't have a tramp stamp?

The debate about this is so ridiculous because I bet half of the parents bitching about this doll could not afford it.  The "Tokidoki Barbie" doll is only available on collector websites and is targeted to adults according to Asia One News.  I think the doll should be made available everywhere.  Tattoos are real life.  I imagine a lot of young girls have moms with tattoos.  If someone does not like tattoos, then don't buy the doll.  On line producer for toy reviews, Chris Byrne could not have said it better, he believes, quote:

"At the end of the day, the doll does not model behavior. If you don't like tattoos, it's your obligation as a parent to not allow tattoos."

Let me tell you this, the chances of your daughter deciding to get tattoos are 50/50, the chance of your daughter growing up to look like Barbie are slim and none.  It's a toy people, move on!