This kid has to live the rest of his life knowing that he beat his grandmother to death over the lousy fact that she hid his beer from him.

18-year-old Dylan Brougham from Florida was initially charged with aggravated battery, but a murder charge was added last Thursday after his 69-year-old grandmother died.

According to WDIV, a witness told police he heard Brougham and his grandmother arguing because she took his beer and hid it while he was in the shower. The witness then said he heard a couple bangs followed up with the Courson screaming for help. She told police her grandson shoved her to the ground, punched her face and kicked her because she had hidden his beer.

From the other stories that I've read about this kid, he's been in and out of trouble like crazy.

Here's where it gets even crazier. The mother of the boy apparently said this: "I am sick for the loss of my mother. I am sick for the loss of my son. I don’t feel he deserves to go to prison. I don’t feel in my heart that he meant to do this to the severity that he did.”


Sources: WDIV/ABC 7