It has been a rough year for horror films. They haven't made that much money and studios just aren't interested in making them...that is until they see this trailer! No seriously, this Brooke Hogan starring film is a piece of s--- but it looks funny.

Yes, Hulk Hogan's daughter is launching (if you can call it that) a movie career that will make even her father's laughable "acting" in turds like 'Suburban Commando' seem respectable. The upcoming Syfy movie 'Sand Sharks' is about sharks that swim in the sand -- it's like 'Air Bud' meets 'Piranha 3d' but without all the entertainment.

In keeping with the tradition of Syfy's Saturday night movies, they round up a bunch of terrible actors and drop hundreds of dollars on "special" effects. Ladies and gentlemen -- we give you 'Sand Sharks'!!!