A Texas man is facing battery charges after police say he hit and pulled his estranged wife's hair because she didn't 'like' his Facebook status about the one year anniversary of his mom's death. Seems everything is bigger in Texas, even the importance of Facebook updates.

Benito Apolinar told his wife -- Dolores Apolinar -- that he was unhappy with her because she didn't respond to his status update as other people did.

Apolinar pleaded not guilty to one charge of battery.

Dear Mr. Apolinar - Facebook is not the end all, be all of our lives! We are sure your wife shared the same feeling as you did about your mother, she lives with you and probably gave you a hug and a kiss -- maybe even a piece of tail -- telling you that she cares for you. What's next, killing her because she didn't re-tweet your vote for 'X Factor'?