Texas teen Angie Gomez (19), raised $17,000 pretending to have cancer.  Gomez fooled her friends and even her fiance by telling them she only had six months to live.  This lunatic created a fake foundation called "Achieve the Dream".  The bitch even duped a high school into throwing a prom for her because she said she never had one.

The Daily Mail is reporting that authorities began looking into Gomez after a complaint was filed.  Gomez claimed to have spent time in children's hospitals, including St. Jude, but police found no record of it.

Freddy Alcantar, her fiance  is surprisingly standing by her. He said quote:

'I don't know what's real and what's not. Hopefully, it's a rumor and it will blow over.'

I doubt that!  Gomez is in jail now, with her bond set at $50,000.