The Black Keys have teamed up with Funny or Die to help promote their new album with a new promo video that looks like a used car lot commercial you'd see on the local channels at 3am.

The Black Keys got where they are today by marching to the beat of their own drum. The Akron, Ohio duo blends the soulful singing of old school R&B with unique alt-rock sounds for a product that is unmistakeably their own. The band looks to further the distinctive sound that has brought them so much acclaim the past few years on their forthcoming record -- 'El Camino'.

To promote the album, the band posted a commercial on Will Ferrell's "it" comedy video website -- Funny or Die. The faux-spot features actor Bob Odenkirk attempting to sell you a van (which he oddly keeps referring to as an 'El Camino'), but only succeeds in making mistakes that would end up on the cutting room floor.

Fans can call 330-510-1206 to hear a recording from drummer Dan Auerbach talking about the van featured in the video. You can also go to for more automobile related ridiculosity. The band's seventh studio LP 'El Camino' hits stores December 6th.

'El Camino' Tracklist

01. 'Lonely Boy'
02. 'Dead And Gone'
03. 'Gold on the Ceiling'
04. 'Little Black Submarines'
05. 'Money Maker'
06. 'Run Right Back'
07. 'Sister'
08. 'Hell Of A Season'
09. 'Stop Stop'
10. 'Nova Baby'
11. 'Mind Eraser'