Every couple argues.  If someone in a relationship tells you they don't, he or she is lying.

Actual violence on the other hand is wrong. Unless the bitch deserves it.


A  couple in Florida made headlines recently about an argument over a television remote control.  The husband was watching ESPN and his wife, Deloris Holley, wanted to watch "The Closer".

You would think that the husband would want to stab her over her show selection.  Not the case.  Mrs. Holley was so angered by the fact that she could not watch her program, she went to the kitchen to grab a knife.

Allegedly she struck her husband (of only 5 months) in the head, face, and shoulder, eventually stabbing him seven times and puncturing his lung.  Over a show?  "The Closer"?  Really?  Holley is now being held without bond on attempted murder charges.  Damn girl!  Ever hear of a re-run?  On Demand?

I  guess things could of been worse for Mr. Holley.  I seem to recall one husband many years ago named John Bobbitt who had an unfortunate incident with his wife involving a knife.

I do not watch "The Closer", but I might start.  It must be one hell of a show.