Looks like filming locations for the next Batman movie will include Detroit, L.A. and the UK!

The movie is set to be released July 20th 2012.  Previously in "The Dark Knight," Chicago was used as the background for Gotham City but for the next installment, looks like it's going to be Detroit...

The city of Detroit is very industrial and rundown, and should provide The Dark Knight Rises with the proper atmosphere it needs, though some fans still worry that the look of the new movie will not fit the continuity set up with the first two installments. But hey, if Maggie Gyllenhaal can replace Katie Holmes, a town swap shouldn’t be too big of a deal, right?

Turns out that Detroit and Michigan are becoming the hot spots for filming movies!

Detroit is simply offering better incentives at this point, and it is quickly becoming the premiere destination for location shooting, with Real Steel and A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas having both just wrapped there.

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