It's that time of year again. Over the next five days, many bands from the area will be returning to Mo Doggies. On Friday night, you can join Maggie Meadows live at Mo Doggies from 8pm to 10pm. Check out the full week's lineup after the jump.

  • Tuesday Night, July 24th

    The Bud Slawter Band, Buster Move, 34 Bliss, and Charger

    Facebook: 34 Bliss
  • Wednesday Night, July 25th

    Bullet Proof Snow, Acoustic Madness, The Big Bill Harwood Blues Band, and Sidetrack Silhouette

    Facebook: Bulletproof Snow
  • Thursday Night, July 26th

    The Proletariats, Ballbreaker (AC/DC Tribute), Red Stone Soul, Spiral Crush, and King Moon Racer

    Facebook: Sprial Crush
  • Friday Night, July 27th

    Maggie Meadows Live From 8pm-10pm

    Naked Jane, The Lucky Charms, The Jon Fett Quartet, Superband, and Ballz Deluxe

    Facebook: Ballz Deluxe
  • Saturday Night, July 28th

    Surviving Justin, Shock Wave, Chrome Mollie, and The Crash Dollz

    Facebook: Chrome Mollie