I like to think everyone has a fair shot in The Cockfight, but old Vic Rattlehead rarely loses these battles. The Dreaming does feature former members of Stabbing Westward and Murderdolls, so it's not like you can completely count them out.

  • 'Every Trace'

    The Dreaming

    Take the drummer and singer from Stabbing Westward, add in the guitarist from Murderdolls and Wednesday 13 and you've got The Dreaming. This band is hoping for a 5FDP situation where members of moderately successful bands join to create a wildly popular one. You can help that journey along tonight by voting for them, but only do so if you think it's better than Megadeth. Unfortunately this track isn't on the web yet, so tune in at 9 to see how they stack up.

  • 'Public Enemy No. 1'


    During the chorus, Dave Mustaine sing, "I'm invincible". We're gonna put that theory to the test tonight.