If you want to vote for the finalists of Flint's Worst Tattoo and are having trouble, we'll explain how to get there and what you need to do here.

To keep things impartial, we've moved the final round of voting for Flint's Worst Tattoo to our Facebook page. That's right -- anyone can vote. We've pinned the photo gallery with all of the 10 finalists to the top of our Facebook page, as well as the cover photo (also seen below), which explains the rules and how you vote. We'll repeat all of that here though.

Once you get to the photo gallery, scroll through until you get to the photo of the tattoo you want to vote for. You then vote by giving that photo a "like." Pretty simple. If you want your friends to vote for your tattoo, you may want to share the photo and tell people to like it on our page (we have no way of counting likes on your pages). That's it really.

The photo with the most likes as of 4p Friday, April 18th, 2014 will be the winner. After 4p there will be a brief review period where we verify with Facebook that all votes were obtained through legitimate practices. We reserve the right to disqualify any contestant that is cheating and to throw out any votes from Facebook pages not created prior to this round of voting.The winner will be announced on-air by Maggie Meadows at 5p on Friday, April 18th, 2014. Have fun out there, kids!


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