Perhaps to make up for their lack of a Music Friday last week, the guys spent the last hour of the show today discussing a list of 30 Albums That Define Cool from a website called, unsurprisingly, Cool Material.

Before going through the list, Free Beer asked the guys how many albums they thought they would have in their collection. Both Hot Wings and Zane aimed pretty low in their estimations, while Free Beer acted like he would barely end up with any.

As they started to go through the list, the guys were surprised to find that it was pretty mainstream, with a lot of the albums having made it quite high on the sales charts. Along the way, the guys listened to clips from each album and gave everyone a better idea of their musical tastes, praising and panning things as they came up.

Everyone loved Led Zeppelin and thought The Smiths sounded wussy. Zane, while a fan of hip hop, did not like the signature sound of Biggie Smalls at all. Hipster music enthusiast that he is, Producer Joe was a fan of MGMT.

But the best part of this segment was when the guys came to Nine Inch Nails and The Downward Spiral, which sits right in the middle of this list. As they listened to Closer, that album’s most famous track, they had a lot of fun bleeping out the line “I wanna [expletive] you like an animal” with different drops and sound effects.