New listeners to The Free Beer and Hot Wings show would probably think that an eight-year old girl would be exempt from ridicule. Well, that's because they're new listeners.

Shantay Small, as it turns out, was not exempt from ridicule at all. But that's mostly because she somehow managed to get a water bottle stuck to her tongue. The men of The Free Beer and Hot Wings show are nothing if not democratic with their ridicule.

"What a stupid little girl," said Producer Joe, filling in for Zane in the studio today. Producer Joe went on to mock her further, saying in her voice, "I tried to get it off myself, but I have Pringles cans stuck on my hands."

Hot Wings was a bit flabbergasted at how Small managed the feat in the first place. "A bottle? How can [her tongue] get stuck?"

"I don't think I could get my tongue stuck in a bottle if I tried to," said Producer Joe. "I'm telling you, it's impossible."

Naturally, this statement enticed Free Beer to issue a challenge to Producer Joe. Will we see a grown man try and lock his tongue inside the rim of a water bottle? Only time will tell, listeners.

Check out the video of this story below: