The guys used the Free Beer and Hot Wings report today to discuss the Giants-Buccaneers game and the fireworks that the coaches set off after the controversial last play.

With the game winding down, Eli Manning and the Giants were ready to take a knee to run out the clock, completing their dramatic 4th quarter comeback.

Perhaps feeling a bit sore at having let go of their lead, Bucs coach Greg Schiano had his guys take a charge at the ball, knocking back Manning and catching the G-Men off guard. Giants coach Tom Coughlin was not having any of that and let Schiano know how he felt about the decision during the post-game handshake.

The guys took sides with Schiano, saying that Coughlin was coming off like a whiner. Zane insisted that you can "never take a play off." Zane also said that Schiano was giving Coughlin a look that seemed to say, "You're old, I'm young and Italian ... get out of my face."

Hot Wings went on to mock Coughlin by pretending to be him while using a sissy voice, saying things like, "let's quit together on this play" and "if you don't quit playing when we do, things get all screwy."

What do you think? Did Coughlin over-react? Or was he just playing up our new-found fascination with post-game confrontations between coaches? Let us know in the comments.

Check out the video below: