We all know how The Machine Shop is the best place to catch a concert, but some people might not know that it's ran by two of the best guys you'll ever meet.  The Shop is opening it's doors to help save art in Flint on July 28th and you can help and have a hell of a time doing it.

You'll see the owners of The Machine Shop, Craig and Kevin Zink posted up at almost every show.  Not only have they given Flint a place to be proud of and rock out at, they've also done a lot for the local community.  The Shop has hosted many charity fundraisers, and on July 28th, they'll be holding another one, to help save art for Flint youths.

Art education was cut from the Flint City Schools curriculum in 2011 due to budget issues.  In response to the loss of art education, the "Kids Need Art" program was started by Stephanie and Brian Hackney, two art enthusiasts who know how important an appreciation of art is for young people.  The program is currently running at Eisenhower Elementary and is looking to expand to other area elementary schools this upcoming year.

Kids Need Art will be holding a fundraising show at The Machine Shop on July 28th, with proceeds going to help provide supplies to local students working with the program.  Performers will include Carl Art and the Mad Men, Plethora, and Question.  Along with live music, there will also be tarot card readers, vendors, side shows and work from local artists.  A five dollar donation will get you through the door.

Source: MLive.com