We had another excellent time Sunday night as the Banana staff and over 20 listeners rolled down to the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit on a party bus to see Megadeth!

Not just Megadeth, we also checked out Amon Amarth, Suicidal Tendencies, Butcher Babies and Metal Church! You'll have to excuse some of the blurry pictures, as we learned it's not necessarily easy to take a picture on a moving vehicle, while drinking beer. Tony LaBrie renamed Maggie Meadows the "Megamess" after just 3 shots of tequila and it appears that Chris Monroe got a questionable lap dance on the way down. Dilon drank shots, which I've never seen before and as for me... Well, I'm a perfect angel, so I just hung out like a normal person. (That's believable right? Unless someone shows up with pictures that tell a different story, that's the one I'm sticking to.)

A big thanks goes out to all of the listeners who participated in our contest. Everyone was super cool and made a great time even better! Also, thanks to The Barn in Fenton for being our meeting place and taking care of us before we left, and of course the Mobile Boogie Party Bus crew for always being awesome!