The Men's Club and Banana 101.5 are looking for "The Mother of All MILFs" and are taking submissions now. Click through to see how the competition is stacking up thus far.

It seems that there has been some confusion as to what exactly a MILF is (welcome to 1998 people). So for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term -- it stands for Mother I'd Like to...well, you can figure out what the "F" stands for. So basically we're looking for the sexiest mom in the listening area, how else would we celebrate Mother's Day?

If you are crowned "The Mother of All MILFs," you'll be taking home the new iPad as well as a $250 gift certificate to Lover's Lane. All you have to do is submit your photo here and receive the most votes when voting begins this Saturday, May5th.

Here is a look at the competition so far...