Original reports of The Offspring working on the follow-up to their successful 2008 album 'Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace' started in January of 2010. 20 months later the band finally spilled the beans on the status of their very own "Chinese Democracy".

The Offspring's frontman Dexter Holland and lead guitarist Noodles took to the interwebs to do a podcast with Takeru Kobayashi (yes, the hot dog eating champion). Over the course of the 35-minute conversation the band ended up talking about the progress of their new material. Holland started the album addressing fans' concerns about the lack of activity (or talk of activity) in The Offspring's camp:

"So as you guys at home can probably tell we've been totally f---in' off and not working on the record [Laughs]We're kidding.We've been in the studio everyday up until just a few days ago. We're taking a little break because I need to write some lyrics...I'd say we have a good chunk of the music recorded...weve got 12 songs we like and I think all the drums are done, we've got a lot of guitars...it's just getting the vocals together. We're very very close"

The two speculated over it would be out this year or not, Noodles said it wouldn't be offering Holland a friendly challenge to prove him wrong. Noodles then back-pedaled a bit saying:

"It's definitely not gonna be a 'Chinese Democracy' situation...We're gonna finish it, we're getting close, you see the light at the end of the tunnel...We're not gonna go in and scrap everything and re-write these songs, these songs are good. So don’t worry about that."

The band also spoke about the recording of their 1992 album 'Ignition' and reflected upon past recording sessions. If you'd like to hear the rest, check out the full podcast below. The music conversation starts around the 21 minute mark.