If there was only one solid message that I could get out into the world of rock-ish type people it would be this: STOP USING BLEEDING COWBOYS FONT FOR YOUR LOGO! Most people don't necessarily know the exact name of this font style, but we've all seen it. 

I didn't know until Dan my manfriend told me today.  Bands* and magazines...even Jesse James' Bourbon Whiskey have used this generic, free, played out 'design'.  It's just as bad as Comic Sans and almost as bad as Papyrus.  If your brand isn't worth getting someone to create a design for you fine, but there are plenty other free graphics for everyone to not have the same one.  You don't have to be a graphic designer to realize that this font is so extremely over used.  Here's photo evidence.

*I must say that at least some of the bands on this list have changed their font after some time.  I will give them a few cool points back I suppose.