Everyone over the age of thirty remembers the terribly cheesy 1980's Kevin Bacon film 'Footloose' and the god-awful Kenny Loggins theme song that came with it. The remake is due to hit theaters this October and for some reason the soundtrack features a Smashing Pumpkins tune about LSD.

The premise of the original film had something to do with a town that outlawed dancing yet somehow, against all odds, there was still a s---load of dancing that happened. I'm not sure if the remake is going in the same direction but what we can confirm is that The Smashing Pumpkins have signed off on the track 'Window Paine' from their first album 'Gish' and it will appear on the albums soundtrack. We're just glad Billy Corgan didn't agree to remake the title track.

Entertainment Weekly reports that in addition to the Pumpkins, The White Stripes' 'Catch Hell Blues' will also be a part of the film but won't make an appearance on the soundtrack.

The Smashing Pumpkins upcoming album within an album, 'Oceania', is set to be released sometime this September.

Good luck getting 'Footloose' to this hippies