Dirt Fest 2012 kicks off on Saturday, August 11th at the Birch Run Expo Center. Before you check out Clutch, Chiodos, My Darkest Days...Hell, before you get in your car -- there's a few things you may want to bring that will help make an incredible day of great music even better.

Blanket - Dirt Fest is an all day, all ages event. Often times not all ages can last all day, specifically, children. If you're bringing the young'uns, you may want to bring in a blanket or something they can sit on when they get tired of standing. Chairs are not allowed though, so forget about that one.

Camera - As long as you don't bring a professional grade camera (one which has detachable lenses and such), cameras are fair game. It's not uncommon to see the artists amongst the crowd at Dirt Fest, so you may be able to snag a picture with your favorite artist.

Shoes - This is a pretty standard concert rule, but make sure you wear shoes. Sandals and flip flops might be better for hot weather, but not for standing all day. Wear a pair of shoes you can stand to be in for 5-10 hours. Also, if it rains -- you're covered.

Jacket and or a Poncho - Although it appears that the weather will be pretty solid on Saturday, we could see a couple brief showers. Later on at night the temp is expected to drop to the low 70s /high 60s.

Earplugs - If you're a child (or just a puss), you might want to bring earplugs. If you forget, you could always stuff a couple of your tampons in your ears.

Hand Sanitizer - Self explanatory

$50 for VIP upgrade - Anyone who's been to a rock musical festival knows how awesome it would be to have a private bathroom, private bar and drink specials at your diasposal. With your Dirt Fest VIP upgrade, you get all that plus a free shirt ($25 value) and might even get to hang with a band or two.

Smartphone - Keep updated on what's happening or any changes and interact with us via Twitter and text. For text updates on happenings throughout the day (including artist signing times and locations) text "Dirt" 88460. Hit banana 1015.com for exclusive behind-the-scenes content and tweet your pics, favorite performances or just random thoughts about your day with the hashtag #dirtfest and @banana1015radio. Obviously tagging us and Dirt Fest on Facebook and posting your pics to our wall is an option as well.

Maybe you're saying, "Yeah, those are all good ideas but I don't want to carry all that stuff all day." If that's the case you've got a couple of options: A) Bring a backpack. B) Leave the stuff you don't need right away in your car. You are allowed re-admittance at Dirt Fest.

For a complete list of what you can and can not bring to Dirt Fest, head to the official information page.

Here is a list of all the bands and what stages they are playing on. Don't miss your favorite act, plan accordingly!