Topping our list of the best television coming in 2012 is the continuation of the incredible second season of 'The Walking Dead.' We're dying to see where the show will take us in season 2's final six episodes and beyond.

#1. 'The Walking Dead'

Andrew Lincoln, Jon Bernthal, Sarah Wayne Callies

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't watched the first seven episodes of season 2, you should probably turn back now -- we will ruin it for you.

After showrunner and brilliant filmmaker Frank Darabont was unexpectedly canned for unknown reasons, we had our doubts whether or not the second season of AMC's brilliant zombie apocalypse drama 'The Walking Dead' would disappoint fans. The answer is different depending on who you ask, but we still enjoy it.

The pace of the show is a bit slower this season, but the character development has somehow made up for our mostly absent undead friends. Shane's (Jon Bernthal) transformation into a survive-at-all-costs madman has him placed firmly as the show's anti-hero and provided many of this season's more exciting moments. Another standout has been Norman Reedus as the quiet backwoods bad-ass Daryl Dixon  -- I was ready to break the TV when he was mistaken for a zombie and almost lobotomized by Andrea's new-found sniper skills.

After spending much of the first seven episodes looking for a zombie that was 30 yards away the whole time, we're expecting some real sparks to fly in the final six shows of this season. The racket made by the zombie barn massacre that bookends the first half of this season will most likely draw some attention to the walker-free utopia the gang has found on Hershel's farm. Expect tensions to rise between our group and the already strained relationship between Rick and Shane to get (even more) ugly as well.

We predict that by the end of season 2 that T-Dog, who has done little more than cut his arm this season, will be dead as will his RV driving pal Dale. The elder of the tribe has annoyingly made everyone else's business his own in season 2, that along with actor Jeffrey DeMunn's appearance in every Darabont film ('The Shawshank Redemption,' 'The Green Mile,' 'The Mist,' etc.) lead us to believe he'll be walker-meat by episode 13.

Expect Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) to go dark side after dispatching little Sophia in the mid-season finale, and as for Lori's baby -- not gonna happen. There is no way that this show throws a newborn in the mix. The birth wouldn't happen until season 3 anyway (which is already greenlit), but we're guessing she loses the baby before season 2 is over. 'The Walking Dead' season 2 returns to AMC on February 12th at 9p ET and the finale airs March 18th.

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