It's hard to believe that baseball season is half way over, but the All Star break is here.  My thoughts on that, plus UFC 148, Wladmir Klitschko smashing in faces, and America's 247th favorite sport, Tennis.

MLB: All Star Break

Baseballs halfway point is upon us, as the home run derby starts off the All Star break tonight.  Prince Fielder will be repping the Tigers in the contest, and will join fellow Tigers Justin Verlander and Miguel Cabrerra in the game.  Fielder has knocked just 15 balls out the park so far this season and hopefully a big performance in the Derby will really help bring his bat to life for the second half.

I'm personally torn on my opinion of the All Star game.  The league that wins the game wins home field advantage of the World Series, so guys have something to play for, and that's awesome.  Plus, playing baseball is a lot less dangerous than playing football, so you see a much better quality product and guys playing harder in the All Star game when compared to the Pro Bowl.  But, every team has to have a player from their organizations on the team, which defeats the competitive nature of the game.  On top of that, the fans get to vote who is on the teams.  And, if it's going to be a game that really does matter, and home field in the World Series really matters, the teams should be made up of the best players, not the most popular or one from each team.

MMA: UFC 148

Anderson Silva shut the mouth of Chael Sonnen for the second time this past weekend, defending his 185-pound title and making a case to be called the greatest ever.  Sonnen is known for being arrogant and running his mouth, and honestly, I kind of like him of that, but it was also good to see him get shut up.  But Silva knocked out Sonnen with a series of blows landed after a big knee to the gut of the challenger early in the second round.  This is Sonnen's 10th fight defending his belt and has left many people putting him on the short list of the best fighter alive.

The card also featured Grandpa Tito Ortiz Vs. Forrest Griffin.  This was the third meeting of the two former light heavyweight champions and the fight ended just as controversially as the first two had.  Ortiz seemed to be the winner, but the judges ruled in favor of Griffin.  Their two previous fights were split in judges decisions as well.

Boxing: Wladmir Klitschko Successfully Defends Heavyweight Championship

I'll just come out and say that MMA is better than boxing, but I'm still amazed by incumbent Heavyweight champion, Wladmir Klitschko.  The giant Ukranian successfully defended all of his titles by pounding the face of America fighter Tony Thompson.  The fight was in Switzerland and Klitschko dominated, finishing the fight in the sixth round with a T.K.O.  Boxing at it's best has a dominate heavyweight champion, and Klitschko is just that.

Tennis:Roger Federer and Serena Williams Wimbledon Champions

It just goes to show that tennis is for old people, but two 30-year-olds walked away champions at Wimbledon.  Most people considered the best days of both Roger Federer and Serena Williams to be behind them, but both stars delivered excellent performances, and both now sit ranked number one in the world, making them instant favorites at the 2o12 Summer Olympics.

Federer beat Andy Murray for the fourth time in the finals, a fact that caused Murray to break down in to tears after the match.  The win was Federer's seventh Wimbledon title and record setting 17th Grand Slam title.

Williams picked up her fifth Wimbledon championship and 14th Grand Slam title.  Serena tied her older sister Venus with her fifth Wimbledon win, who was at the match supporting her sister.  Venus is currently battling a rare disease that attacks the immune system.