Busy week in the sports world, as the NBA Finals are set, the Tigers are finally getting it together and two sports people haven't cared about since the 1950's, boxing and horse racing, had big events this weekend.  Check out my thoughts.

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder Vs. Miami Heat in Finals

The table is set for two of the NBA Finals, as two of the leagues youngest and most talented teams meet up, ready to battle for the right to raise a banner.  OKC fought it's way through the best of the west, beating the defending champion Dallas Mavericks, the Lakers, and the number one seeded San Antonio Spurs.  The Heat took out the New York Knicks, and struggled with both the Indiana Pacers and the Boston Celtics.

The superstars of both teams should cancel each other out, as LeBron James and Kevin Durant should be on each other for most of the series.  Russel Westbrook and Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh and James Harden should do the same.  The real battle will come down to the role players and benches of both teams.  Oklahoma City has the advantage on the pine, but Miami has more championship caliber experience.  I think it'll go seven games, but I'm taking the Thunder to win their first franchise championship.

Boxing: Manny Pacquiao Gets Beat in Controversial Decision

PacMan took on undefeated American boxer, Timothy Bradley on Saturday night, a fight that ended up being decided by judges.  The boxing community was shocked when Bradley's arm was raised after the fight, after Pacquiao clearly out boxed his opponent. Pacquiao landed almost 100 punches more than his opponent, and after the fight, even Bradley thought he lost. Many boxing fans are calling for an investigation into the fight, suspecting it was fixed.

The real question is, is why are people still watching boxing?  MMA is unquestionably a more entertaining product, and for the most part, seems to be a better ran sport.  Boxing has a lot of history, but it's a new era in fighting, and I don't see boxing lasting for that much longer.  If even hardcore boxing fans are questioning the sport being rigged, boxing doesn't just have one foot in the grave, it's getting the dirt thrown on top of it.

Horseracing: I'll Have Another Drops Out of Belmont

I'll Have Another dropped out the Belmont Stakes at the last moment on Friday, giving up the chance to win the Triple Crown of Horse Racing.  I'll Have Another reportedly has tendonitis in one of his front knees, which caused the trainers and the owners of the horse to pull out.

Much like boxing, the real question about horse racing, is why are people watching this?  All this build up goes into the race, which is over in under two minutes.  Plus, the money in this sport is insane.  The value of the horses, along with the cost of their medical treatment and care is astonishing.  And it's not like the NFL where millions and millions of people watch and love it, so you can see where the money is coming from.  Horse racing is just a bunch of rich people throwing their money around on Mint Juleps and stupid hats.

I'll Have Another will never race again, and the horse is worth over $30 million.  The owners will receive a hefty stud fee, as horse breeders will want the championship pedigree of I'll Have Another.  Being a stud and getting paid to get chicks pregnant sounds like a good idea, but  it's not as good as it sounds.  I'll Have Another will have his sperm removed, and implanted into the filly.  Horse on horse sex often leads to injury, so I'll Have Another will never get all up in it.

MLB: Tigers Look to be Coming Alive

I don't have too much to say about the Tigers, other than keep the faith.  The bats have been coming alive, and the season is long. I know the Tigers are still under .500 but keep the faith people, keep the faith.