How is it that we are in the best month in sports, but every Detroit team has dropped the ball?  It's been a frustrating week to sit around and watch sports, but hey, somebody has to do it.

NFL: 2012 Draft And The End Of The Pro Bowl


If there is one team from the D that I'm okay with this week, it's the Lions.  The draft wasn't perfect for them, but they did address one of their biggest concerns with picking a new big cat, offensive lineman, Riley Reiff.  The 6'6", 313 pound tackle was projected to go much earlier in the first round, but it seemed like everyone was picking defense.  Some people have said Reiff's short arms are the reason he fell to the 23rd pick, but I say that's stupid.  Reiff has arms longer than both Joe Thomas and Lapeer native, Jake Long, and they are 2 of the best tackles in the NFL.  The Lions needed to draft a DB, which is why so many people were surprised when they took WR Ryan Broyles, with their second pick.  The Lions did go on to address defense in the later rounds, picking up 6 defensive players with their last 6 picks.

The other big head scratcher of the draft had to be the Washington Redskins.  They traded their future draft picks to take QB Robert Griffin III, which was a great choice.  What might not have been a great choice was taking, Michigan State QB, Kirk Cousins, in the fourth round.  Considering that RGIII will be starting, it really doesn't make much sense for the the Skins to take a backup QB in the draft.  Cousins appeared on The Dan Patrick Show, admitting he was shocked by the Skins decision.

...he said ‘Kirk, you’re just too good to pass up at this spot, we pick in about two picks and I’m gonna take you.’ I was shocked, knowing what they had done with the No. 2 pick, and that I hadn’t talked to them that much in the whole process


Also, rumors are swirling about the cancellation of the Pro Bowl, which I'm all for.  The Pro Bowl has been a joke for years, and understandably so.  The game literally means nothing, and I can't fault players for not playing hard, when they have so much on the line.  I think a much better idea for the NFL and football fans, would be a Superstars Skills Challenge, where the best of the NFL compete for charity.  They could do accuracy contests for QBs, eating contests for Lineman, and weed smoking contests for the Lions.



MLB: WTF Tigers?!?

Last week I was telling everyone to chill out about the Tigers.  This week, I'm wondering what the hell they are doing.  The Tigers have gone 2-8 in their last ten games, and even releasing the god-awful Brandon Inge hasn't helped out the team. The Tigers face off against the lowly Royals tonight and hope to reestablish some success.

The Tigers also faced problems of the field, as Delmon Young was arrested for assault and may be charged with a hate crime, and he shoved a man and yelled anti-Semitic remarks at him.   Young has issued an apology and punishment will be assigned once the legal case is worked out.


NBA: Derrick Rose Out For Rest Of Playoffs


It looks like the championship hopes for the Chicago Bulls are out the window, as last year's MVP, Derrick Rose tore his ACL in the first game of the playoffs.  The Bulls were up by over 10 points late in the fourth quarter when Rose came down on his leg funny, causing a season ending injury.  Rose has been plagued by injuries all season, and while the Bulls have had success with out him, it's hard to see Chicago making an extended run in the second season.

This seems to open the door for the Miami Heat, who now look like the best team in the East, hands down.  Boston is too old to give them a real run, and teams like Atlanta, Indiana, and Philadelphia just aren't talented enough to compete with Miami.

The west continues to look strong however, as the Spurs and the Thunder both got of to great starts in the playoffs.  As an avid LeBron hater, I'm looking for a team out west to keep the self proclaimed "King" ringless for another year.


NHL:  Did Anybody Else Lose Interest?

I'll admit that I'm not a huge hockey guy, but I keep an eye on the ice, especially during the playoffs.  But after the first round, I've found myself being less and less interested.  Maybe it's because the early departure of the Red Wings, or maybe it's because Davison native Tim Thomas and his Boston Bruins got bounced, but I find myself not caring about these playoffs.

The NHL lacks star-power, and I think a contraction in teams would be a good idea for the league.  There are just not enough big name guys to go around to all 30 teams, which leads to less quality product.  I think if the league dropped 6 teams, long term, you'd see more mainstream interest in hockey.