2011 is bringing us a lot of major releases in the world of rock radio, one of the ones that has flown under the radar until recently is the upcoming Theory of a Deadman record 'The Truth is...'. Recently the band spoke about their journey and just how stressful following up a wildly successful album can be.


Theory of a Deadman was a well respected mid-level rock band before their previous album 'Scars and Souvenirs' hit shelves in April of 2008. The Canadian rockers third studio album became wildly successful on the backs of eight singles including 'Hate My Life', 'So Happy', and 'By the Way'. The single 'Not Meant to Be'  saw crossover success at mainstream radio and peaked at #4 on the Billboard pop charts. After the album was certified platinum last April (based on U.S. sales alone), it became clear that they would have a hard time following up the album with something as big as 'Scars...'. Guitarist Dave Brenner told Alternative Addiction:

"We did feel some pressure to repeat. But I think we like that [pressure], its kind of like a professional athlete, what makes a professional athlete a professional is their ability to perform under pressure. That’s sort of the way we look at it- if we wanna be a successful band we need to be able to perform under the pressure of following up a successful album with another great album.I think with a lot of bands, they get comfortable with their level of success, but for us its always about challenging and pushing ourselves. We wrote seven or eight songs, showed them to the label, and they loved them so we hit the studio, meanwhile still doing some writing. Then we went back in later and recorded five more, and something about the timing, for some reason it was just a really natural feeling record.”

'The Truth is...' hits stores and digital retailers on July 12th. You will have no less than four chances to see the band in Michigan this summer including two Carnival of Madness dates which they are co-headlining this year with Alter Bridge:

  • July 3rd @ Heritage Landing in Muskegon
  • July 15th @ Common Grounds Festival in Lansing
  • August 6th Carnival of Madness @ DTE Energy Music Theatre
  • August 16th Carnival of Madness tour@ Royal Oak Music Theatre  (tickets on sale June 17th)