If it's good enough for Rob Zombie, it is good enough for Michael Wilton of Queensryche.

I guess these guys need something to fall back on.  Queensryche guitarist Michael Wilton has joined forces with Legends Of Rock to market a new line of java.  "Whip's Pacific Blend" is the name and will feature three flavors; a french roast, morning roast and espresso.  Boring!

I think if these rock stars really want to sell some caffeine they should amp up the coffee names.   How about "Groupie"?  What guy does not want to wake up to a HOT chic?  Hot coffee, hot girl, "Groupie"! SOLD!  Or maybe a name like "money",  "Start your day with Money"!  In this particular case "Jet City Coffee"!

Get creative!  The best part of waking up is some kick ass coffee in your cup!