If you know me, you know I'm pretty easy to get along with.  But, like everyone else, occasionally I want to strangle people.  People who do the things on this list.

Number Five: Lack of Driving Skills

I get so fired up behind the wheel, it's ridiculous.  I don't understand why people think that the rules of the road don't apply to them, but it happens all the time.  Whether it's people who take forever to make a right turn or people who forget to use a blinker when changing lanes or people who park like the lines are there for decoration, bad drivers should have their licenses taken away and be given a donkey for transportation.

Number Four: Slow-Moving

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

I hate going to the grocery store, because I know that I'm going end up walking behind some slow-mover.  People that stagger around the aisles, waddling three feet and then stopping are the reason my fiance has to do all the shopping.  I understand that not everybody is in a hurry or even able bodied enough to move quickly, but those of us that are need to pick up the pace.

Number Three: Unable to Hold a Conversation

Have you ever talked with somebody and at the end of the conversation, you have no idea what they just said?  Of course you have, because this world is filled with people who can't hold a conversation.  Talking is a big reason why the human race is the dominate species on the planet, so it amazes me so many people lack this basic skill.  Conversations are supposed to consist of both talking and listening, obtaining and explaining new thoughts and information.   For some people though, conversations just consist of making noise at another person.

Number Two: Bad Hygiene

Gross people gross me out.  I don't understand how some people can just blatantly disregard social norms when it comes to hygiene.  I get if you stink after working outside all day or going to the gym, but if you smell because you don't bathe on a regular basis or don't wear deodorant, you make the world a much grosser place.  Hygiene isn't just about vanity either, it's for the general well being of society.

Number One: Self-Righteousness

I can not stand people on a high horse.  It doesn't matter what your position is or the validity of your stance, when you're smug, I want to punch you.  And it's ridiculous what some people get so high and mighty about.  People act like they are the leading expert on politics, music, sports and a magnitude of other issues and they act like anyone with a different perspective or opinion is mentally inferior or incapable of thought.